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Practical, precise, and pioneering Hamilton watches use a unique combination of precise Swiss watchmaking and American spirit to create distinctive, versatile watches for style-conscious individuals and first-class watch lovers alike. Hamilton has a long history and has achieved numerous milestones, all of which have contributed to making Hamilton the strong, internationally renowned watch brand it is today.

Hamilton originated in the U.S.A. in the year 1892. Lancaster, Pennsylvania was the birthplace of the initial Hamilton factory; the company was based there for the first 111 years of its life.

Hamilton watches are exemplary, innovative, and known for their highest performance standards and Swiss-made movements. Hamilton presents automatic, mechanical and quartz watches, for men and women.

Hamilton is known for appearing in numerous movies. In fact, the producers have decided to use the Hamilton brand watches in over 500 films. That is an ultimate testament to its quality and a prestige status, as no other brand can claim a feat that unique and magnificent.

If you are more into aviation then movies and are looking for a perfect Swiss pilot’s watch, then Hamilton got you covered. They have a prestigious heritage of serving the aviation community. The aviator watches are reliable and have a reputation for accuracy.

Hamilton being a stellar brand, offers the highest quality movement types for all of its watch line-ups. The mechanical watch movement keeps the wearer close to the watch; it’s a precision partnership. The mechanical watches for men and ladies’ are some of the best wristwatches in Hamilton’s collection and are known for their timeless style, precision and reliability. These one-of-a-kind timepieces run like clockwork.

A quartz watch movement is a guarantee of precision. When Hamilton created the first battery-powered watch in 1957, they could never have predicted how popular this innovation would become.

Warranty conditions

Hamilton brand provides 2 year warranty on watch mechanisms and 3 months warranty for battery. Warranty does not work in case of external damages.

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