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About Casio Brand

“This watch gets it done. I've played hockey, surfed, slept, showered, run, worked....you get the picture? Done everything with this watch and it’s still like a new one. Whenever people comment about the style I just smile because simplicity and minimalistic elements mean everything to me. Honestly, it's the best value you can put on your wrist these days - it won't let you down in even the toughest conditions” – a random customer’s review.

Since 1946 Casio brand has been producing durable and reliable watches with a beautiful design at the same time. The founder of the brand, who was an engineer dreamed of creating a revolutionary brand of electronic devices. Above all the electronic devices (calculator, digital camera, printer and mobile devices) that Casio introduces, watches are most popular. Casio is producing a wide variety of watches in different line ups, all of them in different colors and styles, to satisfy all tastes. All watches are made of durable materials like stainless steel, which provides the watches with such functions as shock-resistance, water resistance. “We value the creativity and we ensure that our products will meet universal needs.” The slogan with Casio works from the day of the opening up to these days.

Warranty conditions
Casio brand provides 1 year warranty on watch mechanisms and 3 months warranty for battery. Warranty does not work in case of external damages.
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