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Melissa Kandiyoti is a Belgian jewelry designer who has adopted Paris as her creative laboratory. She started her career as a professional singer, but her fascination and passion for fine, antique, and contemporary jewelry soon inspired her to create her own collection. Melissa is specialized in high-end costume jewelry. Known for her statement pieces, the fashion house blends old glamour with contemporary. The jewels are handcrafted and covered with colorful beading, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones. VOYAGES dictate the mood of her collections. Her jewelry makes us travel to India, Africa, Jamaica, and many other exotic countries.

Her beautifully handcrafted jewelry has its roots in her multi-cultural background and is inspired by the intricate designs of Byzantium, the mysterious tales of Scheherazade, and the striking glamour of Art Deco. Deliciously feminine and seriously sexy is how you’ll feel when you wear it. Her designs are big, bold, and confident and, like the Swarovski crystals she makes extensive use of, they dazzle with brilliant color.

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