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About Dyrberg/Kern Brand


DYRBERG/KERN products are created by hand and undergo many different processes: from casting, polishing and plating of the metal base, to hand braiding of leather, to cutting, polishing, and insertion of semi-precious stones and brilliant crystals. Many different elements of one single jewelry piece are assembled. After each process, specific quality control is performed. Each jewelry piece goes through about 40 different processes and as many hands before the magical moment finally happens – it meets your eye, and love takes over.

Same as many other brands presented in our store, DYRBERG/KERN also offers its collections of earrings, jewelry, necklaces, and bracelets. Yet, this brand has a record of possessing many bestselling jewelry pieces, which are extremely popular amongst the customers. The unique designs, premium looks, and no over the top prices is what makes this brand such a right choice for almost everyone.

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Warranty does not work on jewelry.

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Catalog updated 10.04.2020
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